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Whether you need a small tweak to your sales page or a full Teachable redesign, you're in the right place to learn more.

€400+ coding /
€1250 sales page

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What kind of Services
Do I Offer

Most of what I do is custom page development for your school landing or course pages, but I also offer custom development in JavaScript and Liquid. You can also find online courses on how to use Teachable.


Custom Code

Add new features to your school using JavaScript.

Sales Pages

School and Course Sales / Landing page development.


Full courses on how to make the most of Teachable.


Let me turn your ideas into reality.

More details of what I offer

You're always welcome to get in touch for more information on the services I offer but, here are some additional details about our Teachable services.

School Sales Page

The school sales or landing page is normally the first page that visitors will land on when they visit your school.

Course Sales Page

You can have one or more course sales pages and they are normally all the same design. Develop once, use many.


Teachable offers the ability to award certificates. Why not create a custom one just for your students.

Custom Coding

Some clients have asked for an external database connection or linking to Google Sheets. It's all possible!

Online Courses

If you like getting your hands 'dirty' why not get stuck in with an online Teachable course?


Sometimes you don't know if it's possible, feel free to ask me. Use the form below.

Coming Soon ``Witness``

Introducing Witness - a social proof app for your Teachable School. Dedicated to Teachable, this SaaS application will pop up when someone purchases a product on your school.

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A few key features
about Witness

Still in development, Witness aims to offer an affordable service that will highlight (using 'toast popups') when someone enrols or purchases a course on your Teachable school.

The aim is to have different triggers activate this popup and unlimited designs to fit the brand of your school.

More information coming soon.


Get an Awesome Site

Don't struggle with Teachable backend, leave the design and development to Purple Hippo Web Studio


Have a Questions
Check our FAQ

There are always a few questions that come up often. I’ve taken this opportunity to list a few questions and answers for you.

I’m not a Teachable employee. I am a freelance developer that is part of their Experts program where they promote my services on their Experts page.

This is a good question. I’m not a trained designer but, creating websites means I have to design as part of that process. I’m a developer that can do design.

I normally provide a proposal for every project I work on. I do small projects at my rate of €150/hour but most projects are a fixed price depending on the agreed scope. Average fees for projects over the last year or two have been around €1500.

Unfortunately, at this time I do not do charity or free work but I do have a Facebook group where I can answer basic questions from members. Feel free to head over to the group and join up.

Time also depends on the scope. I can do small projects in a few hours, others take several days over a week, and others still may take months. The time will be estimated in the proposal.

Reserved answer.

Reserved answer.

Reserved answer.

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If you'd like to get in touch, please complete the short form below. The more information you provide, the easier it is for me to be able to reply back to you with the pertinent information.

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