Stop Struggling With Your Teachable School!

Get a stunning school landing page, course sales page and numerous enhancements to let you concentrate on your course creation guilt free.

One Product, Two Options

It’s a simple decision for you to make. It’s the same product – you only need to decide, “Do I want it done for me or can it do it myself?”

School Landing Page

You get the amazing CleanZone™ landing page for your school. A professional clean and elegant design.

Course Sales Page

Access to the CleanZone™ Course Sales Page useable as many times as you need.

New Students View

Unique customisation of the student’s view allowing a better user experience promoting your students to continue.

Elite Plugins

You’ll get plugins to add further enhancements to your Teachable school.


Full video instructions for both DIY and DFY packages. Learn to update your site without having a meltdown.

Maintenance Package

Purchase our optional yearly maintenance subscription and get updates throughout the year including the early release of new plugins.

CleanZone™ is the name of the template design that you get included in the DFY and DIY packages available here. It includes a design for your main Teachable school landing page, course sales pages (that can be used as many times as you need), internal students curriculum view as well as further enhancements to the default Teachable look and feel.

The only difference is who installs the themes to your Teachable school, you or us? If you’re confident with the Teachable admin area and can use the Power Editor without breaking into a nervous sweat, then the Do It Yourself package will probably work for you. Otherwise, let us do the grunt work and install it for you in just a few hours.

We have a special website where we ask you a bunch of questions all related to text needed in the theme. These answers are then automatically converted into liquid code and can be easily placed on your school homepage or course sales page.

With a project of this size, it’s likely there will be bugs. Any bugs that we do find will be fixed and updated files will be made available for free on your account page here at New features, early access to beta plugins and/or upgrades are included in our Yearly Maintenance plan.

While we refine and tweak the CleanZone™ template, we will continue to offer bespoke Teachable design and development. If you already have a design in mind or are looking to get a new brand look for your school established, you’re in the right place. Get in touch using the form down at the bottom of the page.

Simply Packaged, Great Value

We want to keep things easy to understand, so we only have one product with two prices.

  • D.F.Y.

    Let Us Do Everything For You

    • €1999
    • BUY NOW
    • Unique CleanZone™ Theme
    • School Landing Page (€1000 value)
    • Course Landing Page(s) (€1000 value)
      • Up to 5 course pages included (€1000 value)
    • Bonus Custom Plugins (€350+ value)
    • Bonus Access to Onboarding Pro Course ($97 value)
    • D.I.Y.

      We Make It Easy, But You Do It Yourself

    • €799

  • Reminder
  • Unique CleanZone™ Theme
  • School Landing Page (€1000 value)
  • Course Landing Page(s) (€1000 value)
    • Unlimited course pages (€1000+ value)
  • Bonus Custom Plugins (€350+ value)
  • Bonus Access to Onboarding Pro Course ($97 value)

Protect your investment with our Yearly Maintenance Plan.

Preview CleanZone™ Live!

Take a peek at the CleanZone™ template available live and built right into a Teachable school for all to review before purchasing.

Bonus Plugins

Out of the box, you’ll get our favourites plugin and the new signup plugin. Combined, they are worth €350, but you get them included in both DIY and DFY packages for free. The theme also has numerous quality of life tweaks to make your students’ experience more enjoyable.


The Favourites plugin adds a little heart to the right of each lecture title and lets your students mark their favourite lesson for easy access at a later time.

New Signups

A very simple rendition of the popup when someone new registers on your site. No frills, but look for an enhanced version soon™.

New Releases

On our maintenance plan, you’ll get beta access to any new plugins that we create as well as fully released versions.

Favourites Plugin

Perfect for a large course with dozens or hundreds of lectures or for a school site which sells memberships to lots of individual courses, the Favourites Plugin gives your students a simple, effective way to bookmark any lecture in any course as a favourite.

A touch of genius. I can finally bookmark my most used lectures as a favourite. It’s like using the thumbs up icon on Facebook.

The Favourites plugin requires access to a third party database (free on Google Firebase). The free database should be adequate for most sites, but if you have a successful school with lots of simultaneous users, you may require an upgraded paid account.

Yearly Maintenance Plan

While we will always fix bugs for free, you can take comfort in knowing our Maintenance plan will support your investment. Purchase a yearly plan to get access to new features, non-bug related updates, enhancements and feature requests as well as access to our dedicated support channels.

  • Theme updates
  • Quality of Life Enhancements
  • New Beta and Full Release Plugins
  • Slack Support Channel Access
  • Dedicated Private Facebook Group

Seen enough?

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Get In Touch

Please feel free to reach out and ask questions. Response time is typically a few hours but this depends on your time zone and if it’s a weekend or holiday here in Ireland.

I’ve been asked a lot recently if I still do bespoke Teachable landing pages. Most certainly I do, so please get in touch if you have a course or school landing page you’d like customized.

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