Using HTML to make Impacting Headlines

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Did you know that you can easily add some formatting to your site’s headline by editing the Homepage Heading field?

For example, navigate to Settings -> GeneralĀ -> Homepage Heading and paste the following into the field:

The Most <i>Amazing</i> Headline <span style="color:red;">Ever</span>.

This will change your boring heading into:

The Most Amazing Headline Ever.

Let’s break down what we see here.

The <i> tag is HTML for italics and in order to markup your text to italics it’s necessary to add the closing </i> tag. If you forget to do this, this is what happens.

The Most Amazing Headline Ever.

Do you see what happened? The italics didn’t stop after the first word – it continued until the end of the line. In fact, the italics would continue forever until it met a suitable closing </i> tag.

So, don’t forget closing tags!

The <span> tag provides a way to add a hook or a way to group words or parts of the document together. The <span> tag alone does nothing but adding a style command lets us play with the colour of the text.

<span style="color: red;">Your Word</span>

As with all tags (there are some exceptions), don’t forget the closing </span>. Play around with the colour style, pick some common colour names (orange, blue, green).

This also works in the Homepage Description field.

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