New Page Being Developed

Hi there! I’m Tom Lorimer a front-end web developer specialising in the Teachable platform. First off, thanks for visiting me from the Teachable Experts page. You honour me with your presence and taking some time out of your busy schedule to come to my little corner of the internet and spend some time learning about what I do.

I’ve developed for some very successful Teachable schools including Teachable’s own Teachable Academy (this has since been rebranded to uTeachable and does not reflect the work done at the time).

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Discussing costs are usually the last topic on any agenda but the first on most clients’ minds. I want everyone to know where my prices start from so I don’t waste your time, and hopefully, if it’s not within your budget, you won’t waste mine.

A redesign of a Teachable sales page costs typically around €1250 (+ applicable VAT). This fee is per page, so if you also wanted a course sales page, then it would be an additional €1250. Deploying the same design on more than one course isn’t going to be Z number of courses * (times) €1250 because the costs are in the initial design and development. Multiple courses deployments usually are around €250 per course in addition to the initial €1250 design and development.

A full breakdown of costs are always provided in the scope and sent in the proposal document.

Remember, it’s not always the case that you’ll need to spend €2500+ on your school. It all depends on your needs and every school is different. Average fees paid for their Teachable school redevelopment is around €1500 + VAT.