Update Your Teachable Sales Pages with Purple Hippo Web Studio

Let’s face it, the designs that you can build with the built-in Teachable editors are pretty limited! Yes, you could spend a few hours (or more) creating text blocks and videos blocks and maybe even one of those simple looking blocks with a background image, but at the end of the day, you think it seems amateurish, and to be brutally honest, so will your visitors.

Custom Themes

You can get a custom theme developed for your Teachable school or course landing pages.

Custom Code

As a Teachable developer, I can create custom JavaScript solutions to fit your needs. These can be somewhat complicated and you should schedule a call with me to determine your needs.


If you already have a WordPress site, I can mimic your theme onto your Teachable school. Give your students an almost seamless transition from your main website to your courses.

Getting Started

Just a few simple steps to see if we're a good fit.

You Decide

It's up to you, but the first step is deciding if you'd like to hire a developer to turn your boring sales page into a thing of beauty.

Video Call

Arrange a video conference call (if you're shy or don't have a webcam it's okay). This is a free 30-minute call so we can chat and learn about your Teachable school. Scroll down to pick a meeting time.


If you're happy with our conversation and think we're a good fit for working on a project (big or small), a quick email with a summary of your requirements usually gets the ball rolling.

Proposal and Contract

A few days later you'll get a proposal with a quotation on how much the project will cost along with an estimated timeline. If all goes well and you agree, the last simple step is a contract which is easy to understand and in place to protect both parties.