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YouTube LogoIntroducing Teachable Shorts.

I’ve dabbled a bit with YouTube in the past creating a small series on playing Minecraft. It was just a bit of fun after a hard day at work. I had a number of followers but I think most of them were family.

Recently, I’ve started again with another series. This time, it’s all about Teachable. Short, helpful (hopefully), instructional or educational videos on features of the Teachable platform. They are usually less than 5 minutes and easy to digest. Hence the name, Teachable Shorts.

Check the series out on my YouTube channel.

So far, we’ve covered topics such as, Font-Awesome icons and how to use them in your Teachable courses and show how many students are on your Teachable course. I’ve also written an article here all about that same topic but the video may be worth watching in combination.

We’re going to ramp up the production of these videos trying to create one per week but hopefully more. If you have any requests for a specific video that can be shown in 10 minutes or less, please leave a comment below. If your idea would take longer than 10 minutes, I may create a longer tutorial (this will take a lot longer to produce though).

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