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There’s something almost voyeuristic about wanting to know what other freelancers or online marketers use in their daily work. It’s probably one of the first posts I look for when I find someone new to follow. So, just in case you’re also interested, here’s my Teachable Toolkit, the tools I use daily in my online business.

Snagit ($49.95 +VAT)

I used snip on Windows but when I moved to using my MacBook Pro 13″ and iMac 27″ systems I had to find something different that fit my needs.  Enter Snagit, a simple to use program that lets me capture images, edit them (add callouts, text etc.), even capture whole websites (scrolling vertically to do the capture). It also captures the screen which is perfect for those quick instructional videos I send to my clients to show them how to do something.

Camtasia ($199 +VAT)

For a video editing system a bit more involved, I use Camtasia – from the same people who make Snagit. It has all you’d expect from a professional editing system. Their website pretty much sums up their product,

Camtasia makes video editing simple and intuitive. Anyone can create informative, engaging videos. No video experience needed.

Canva (FREE)

Canva is one of those websites that you’ll wonder what you did before you found them. If I remember, I probably used PowerPoint or something uncouth. Canva is just simple to use. Once you get the hang of it you can make some amazing images. The featured image for this post was done with Canva as are the course images for my Teachable courses, themes and sections. It’s even possible to make full-blown infographics. Last year, I made invitations for my two sons birthday party.

Microsoft OneNote ($9.99/month along with other Microsoft products)

I’ve jumped between loads of systems to gather ideas and keep notes. Evernote, Trello, fancy notepads, plain old jotter pads and even a task system which is part of my coding software called Sublime Text (see below). Right now, I’m using OneNote, but this might all change in a few days or weeks.

Microsoft OneDrive ($9.99/month as above)

I recently moved from Google Business to Microsoft. Primarily because I was getting a lot of documents sent to me in either Word or Excel and it was just easier to use the native format than play around with Google docs. The bonus was it worked out slightly cheaper to operate when it’s only one email account being used. OneDrive for business gives me 1TB of cloud storage to play with which makes it nice when I have to move from my laptop to my desktop.

Sublime Text ($80)

I use Sublime Text for all my coding tasks. It also works as a useful text editor and can even use a plugin that turns it into a task list.

Adobe Photoshop CC (€12.29/month)

A good portion of my clients sends me designs in Photoshop files (.psd). Of course, I also use PDF’s and Adobe Illustrator but not so often. I have Photoshop as part of the photographer’s package which includes Lightroom.

Codekit ($34)

This is one for the programmers out there and not something a course creator would be using. Let’s me work locally on Teachable projects (along with a few Chrome plugins).

iTerm (free)

If you’re on a Mac, you could do worse than using iTerm which is a replacement for the build in terminal software. I use it whenever I’m working on my Discourse installations such as the forums.

Slack (free)

Arguably my most important Teachable Toolkit service for communications. I use Slack to keep in touch with Teachable for their Experts group and the Ambassadors (I was formally an Ambassador for them for 2 years). I also have a few Slack groups for former and current clients if they wish to reach out and I have the option of using Slack groups for people who purchase my courses, themes or sections.

Discourse (free)

Discourse is a modern forums platform capable of handling hundreds and thousands of forum messages and users. It’s free and open source but you’ll need a VPS hosting account in order to run it. There are options to purchase a hosted package with them if you don’t think you can install it yourself.  My own discourse forum can be found here.

I’ll probably update this from time to time as I chop and change the way I do things. What’s in your Teachable Toolkit? If you know of a good program or system, feel free to comment below.

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