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So, over the last month or so I’ve been working with many different clients, and one or two have asked if I could implement UseProof onto their site. Of course, this is something that I do so it’s a done deal. But, as I was copying the code and setting things up, I wondered if there was a cheaper way to do this on Teachable – even with limited features.

Introducing Students Signed Up Plugin

The Students Signed Up Plugin (I need to find a better name) is a fully functional pop-up notification which displays the number of signed up students for your courses. Here are some features of the plugin. I admit it’s not got all the bells and whistles of UseProof, but the best part is yet to come.

Students Signed Up Teachable Plugin

Here are some of the features of the plugin.

  • Pop-up displays the number of signed-up students on your course
    • See it in action here.
  • Automatically updates without reloading the page*
  • Written in JavaScript, Liquid, HTML and CSS
  • Works on all Course Sales Pages
  • Disables automatically on non-course sales pages
  • Full instructions on how to install and setup
  • Automatic and free updates
    Most of the source code is hosted on Amazon Web Services which means I can update and fix bugs (bugs? what are bugs) without you having to do anything. On the rare occasion that you’ll have to change something inside Teachable, I’ll provide full instructions.

*The update frequency is not real-time and is dependant upon the cache value that Teachable has assigned the liquid variable that we use to extract the number of students. Currently, it’s approximately 2 hours, but it may be shorter or longer of which we have no control.

Here are the essential requirements for implementing the plugin.

  • Access to the Power Editor (this requires Teachable Professional Plan or above)
  • Ability to copy and paste some code into a few places on your Teachable school
  • The plugin will show ‘powered by’ and the small Purple Hippo Logo on the toast

So how much for this plugin?




A monthly fee like

How about FREE! Well, almost. All I ask of your is to pick one of the options below to unlock the plugin code you’ll need.

Options for the future

I hope to add a few features to the plugin, but none of these is set in stone nor guaranteed as I have to determine how to implement these options best.

  • Colour/Theme alternatives
  • Location (left, right, center, top, bottom)
  • Enable/disabled based on the number of signups to your course(s)
  • Premium option (to disable the ‘powered by’ message)


The plugin is provided┬áto you ‘as is’ and no direct support is available. However, please feel free to join the I Need Teachable Help Facebook group (, and either myself or one of the other members will be able to help you.

Requests to change colours, move the toast position, remove the ‘powered by’ message etc. will not be honoured at this time but please do show your support for these features by asking in the group.

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