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Introducing Teachable Shorts. I’ve dabbled a bit with YouTube in the past creating a small series on playing Minecraft. It was just a bit of fun after a hard day at work. I had a number of followers but I think most of them were family. Recently, I’ve started again with another series. This time, it’s all about Teachable. Short, helpful (hopefully), instructional or educational videos on features of the Teachable platform. They are usually less than 5 minutes and

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Did you know that you can easily add some formatting to your site’s headline by editing the Homepage Heading field? For example, navigate to Settings -> GeneralĀ -> Homepage Heading and paste the following into the field: The Most <i>Amazing</i> Headline <span style=”color:red;”>Ever</span>. This will change your boring heading into: The Most Amazing Headline Ever. Let’s break down what we see here. The <i> tag is HTML for italics and in order to markup your text to italics it’s necessary to

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